Oscar Moz
Principal, AMI Repair Service Inc.
  • 50 years experience repairing electronic equipment
  • Sells new and older high-end equipment
  • Experience designing and building electronics
  • Engineering technology diploma -Yokohama, Japan
  • Part-time college instructor
  • Has worked on products from the following manufacturers:
    • Sony, JVC, Toshiba, RCA, Samsung, Kodak, Canon, Hitachi, Phillips, Sanyo, Yamaha, Harmon-Kardon, Marans, NEC, Aiwa, Grundig, Technics, Zenith, Akai, Sears, Denon, General Electric, Pioneer, Onkyo
      Visionquest, Govideo, Soya, Trent, Advent, Prima, Dattek, Insignia, Syntax, Harsper, Pagnor, Jensen, Digistar, Nexus, Dishnetwork, Audiovox, LLtra, Legend, Sabio Video, etc.
  • Authorised dealer for:
    • AStar (Manufacturer of all LCD and Plasma TVs)
    • Panasonic
    • Sharp
    • Sony
    • ALL Appliance Board W10219463 24157750
Over 1 million+ satisfied customers